Quality Persian rugs and more

Nothing starts or finishes a room’s décor better than a well-purchased rug.  West End Co. has Brisbane’s best range of quality rugs. Hand woven, hand knotted and made of 100% wool, our selection of authentic rugs suit both contemporary and traditional interiors.

Authentic, hand woven and hand knitted rugs

Our rugs are different to ‘imitation’ rugs sold by other retailers – our rugs are not machine made and do not contain poly fibers. We have Persian rugs and tribal rugs from Iran, Afghanistan and Rajasthan. We have a large selection of vegetable-dyed rugs and flat woven kilims.  We have Persian and Tribal rugs from all over the world including Belouch, Kazak, Chobi, Khal Mohommodi, Barjasta, Tribal Kilims, Bokhara and Aq cha rugs.  They come in a range of colours and styles featuring the latest designer trends.