The Difference Between Tribal, Oriental and Persian rugs

When considering investing in a new decorative piece for your home, nothing is better than the fullness and quality of a rug to fill floorspace, furnish a room and bring it to life with a warm, exuberant, cultural experience that will have visitors marvelling in admiration of your good taste and worldly appreciation. While these pieces are well known and renowned for their quality and style, there are several key differences to be aware of when identifying what type of rug is right for you. This blog post is your ultimate guide to the rugs of the world and what kind of special finishing quality they can bring to your home.

Tribal Rugs

Persian rugs Sydney - Tribal rugs - bale

Handwoven by nomadic tribes across the western Asian regions who spend their lives travelling and crafting their wares from whatever resources are available to them. Whether the materials are bought in trade or sourced from the animals the tribesmen keep to sustain themselves, these unique rugs are woven from the travels and experiences of each individual weaver in a caravan, and as such bring individuality and uniqueness never seen before. These rugs tell an individual story in both their craftwork and design.

Oriental Rugs

Persian rugs Sydney - Oriental Rugs - Bokhara

A mix of handwoven and machine-crafted rugs from the ‘Orient’. While this term traditionally denotes countries specifically from the Asian region (such as China and India), it has been extended to include Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, the Caucasus and Cyprus. Though traditionally handwoven, due to the rise in worldwide popularity for rugs of this style, some cheaper variations have emerged from countries engaging in machine craft style production. Oriental rugs are known for their richness in variation and design due to the many cultures that have begun to produce these rugs. Rugs tend to carry individualistic markings, stylings and symbols specific to the region in which they are made.

Persian Rugs

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An ancient art in Persia (Iran) for thousands of years and one of the country’s biggest and most well known exports to this day. Persian Rugs are hand crafted by the most skilled artisans and produced to only the highest quality. The weaves are produced with such precision and strict standards that rugs can take from anywhere from a month to several years to complete depending on size.

Each rug has its own origins, background and processes involved in bringing it to life.

To see for yourself what makes these beautiful pieces of workmanship so special, drop into our West End store located at 222 Montague Road, Brisbane or start shopping for tribal rugs or Persian rugs online.

$20,000 immediate tax write off offered by Federal Government

For those operating a small business like myself, the details of the recently announced budget brought some timely good news.  Certainly the immediate tax write off for items below $20,000 presents an ideal opportunity for those looking to purchase items such as an Oriental or Persian rug for the office.

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Kilim rug - rug in home office


Did someone say ‘rugs online’? – grand opening of our online store

Persian rugs online - now at West End Co.

The time has come to put our rugs online  West End Co.’s online store is now open! A broad range of exquisite pieces from our West End boutique are now available for purchase through our website. No other rug retailer can match our authentic and diverse collection because we’ve searched the globe for the most beautiful, one-of-a-kind rugs and put them right onto our online shop-front.

Our goal is to not only provide quality rugs across Australia, but also to share our deep knowledge and passion for these creations with enthusiasts, stylists, investors and renovators alike. We’ll bring our superior products and comprehensive expertise to you, and strive to make your experience of our online store the same as if you’d walked through our doors.

Rugs online: Experts in the field

How are we different from other rug stores on the web? Well, the team at West End Co. noticed something missing from the landscape of online rug retailers that we wanted really wanted to embody: genuine expertise and passion for authenticity. We believe in rugs as transformative works of art, not simply decorations. They’re embodiments of craftsmanship, and aspirational creations that transform spaces like no other.

We keep only the most authentic, handmade rugs in our boutique – no imitations or fakes. Not one rug we supply is the same: as customers, you can be happy in knowing that your rug is hand crafted and truly unique. If you need help, our staff know everything there is to know about each unique piece, and are happy to answer any questions about those listed on our online store.

Rugs online: What you can expect

The new West End Co. online store features a diverse range of the same unique rugs that we hold in our boutique, from the ever popular and affordable handwoven Kilims, to luxurious designer rugs. The store brings together a comprehensive selection of rug styles (including traditional, transitional, modern and tribal) and origins (like Afghan, Persian and Moroccan). Each product posted onto the store is one-of-a-kind; you might have to be quick if you find something that you love!

Trading online also means that those outside of Brisbane looking for that distinctive finishing touch to bring a room together now also have access to our fantastic rug range. While we don’t operate delivery vehicles, we can, of course, organise distribution throughout Australia.

West End Co. is so proud to finally launch our online store, and be able to bring you exquisite rugs no matter where you are. If you want rugs online, head over now and see what’s in stock; we’d love to hear your feedback.

Awesome contemporary West End rugs

Although we have a love for tribal rugs at West End Co., we still have an eye on the very latest trends for those looking for a more contemporary piece for their modern home or apartment. We have a large selection of very high quality hand tufted 100% wool designer rugs. These are very durable and well constructed pieces.

Rugs like these in Brisbane are very hard to come across and with our competitive prices, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Come by West End Co., at 222 Montague Rd, West End 4101. We are open Tuesdays to Sundays.

Please like us to see some of our other very cool design ideas.

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Brisbane Persian Rugs, Belouch rugs

Baluchi blog

Those who have visited us at West End Co. would have seen our selection of tribal rugs and especially some of our stunning Baluchi/Belouch/Beloch pieces. I thought I would write a little about these rug without getting too technical or wordy.
These rugs are often knotted in very deep reds and blues, with splashes of colours such as orange, white, green, and yellow. Typically woven by two major weaving groups, The Taimani and The Baluch tribes from Iran. Our selection at West End Co. are mostly Taimani.
Another typical characteristic of these rugs is the use of soft wool with tightly knotted pile. Being a nomadic rug, they are usually portable and quite small.
We always keep a good selection of these rugs for around $199. They make a perfect gift and always a talking point. Daniel from West End Co. is always more than happy to tell you a little about the history or story behind the rug you purchase.persian rugs brisbane

persian rugs brisbane persian rugs brisbane


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